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Conditioner/Spa Services For Dogs

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*DEAL! All spas will include free teethbrushing!

Pamper your furkid with a spa! Be it to boost coat condition, soothe the skin or leave them smelling awesome, we've got you covered!

Dead Sea Mineral Conditioning Mask
- We all know the properties of dead sea minerals, and we use it for facials to help clear up our skin. It does the same for your furkids, brightening up the coat, leaving it soft and silky. Also, it helps cleanses the pores and soothes irritation as well.

Ayuverda Herb Pack
- This popular mask has been raved about, because it works! This all natural herb pack helps to remove odour, promote fur growth on balding spots, promotes repair and healing of skin irritation and hotspots, and have anti fungal properties. It contains neem and thus have insect repelling effects as well (up to 2 weeks)!

Clay Mask
- Clay masks helps to cool the skin, promotes skin healing and boost fur regeneration. We will choose the best option for your furkid depending on its skin condition (oily/dry/irritated) to have the best effects!

Floral Salt Soak (Whole Body/Paws Only)
- Let your furkid soak in a fragrant blend of organic lavender and french roses. The himalayan pink rock salts and french celtic salts also helps in soothing irritated skin, while removing odour at the same time. It also includes a blend of essential oils, bergamot, lavender and geranium. This power trio helps to leave your furkid smelling amazing, and also seems to calm them down as well! The essential oils are also said to have insect repelling properties.

Paw soaks will also come with a paw balm application to help soothe irritated underpaws. Paw balm contains all natural ingredients, with the main ingredient being lemongrass, from Lemongrass Dogs.

Do feel free to contact us for more information/pictures or recommendations catered specifically to your furkid's needs!

Prices listed are a reference, subjected to coat condition and length.

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